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Cold Flow Modeling

In support of process scale-up, the use of cold flow modeling is a core competency at the KBR Technology Center (KBRTC). A cold flow model accurately simulates a mechanical device that is critical to the operation of a particular unit. Typically, the model is designed and fabricated of steel and/or plastic in a size that is large enough to minimize mass-transfer and wall effects. Using these models, qualitative and quantitative measurements can be made to help verify and optimize design criteria for a variety of gas-liquid and gas-solid systems. These measurements include mixing, separation, pressure drop, erosion and/or density.

We have successfully used this approach in support of commercial advancements in FCC technology, petroleum refining, ammonia, olefins and coal gasification/ combustion studies.

The world's largest FCC regenerator cold flow model, with an inventory of 15 tons of catalyst, is in operation at KBRTC. Other models currently in operation at KBRTC include several complete FCC riser/cyclone models and our general purpose transport reactor test unit. The KBRTC has the capability to rapidly fabricate and modify additional cold flow models.

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