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KBR has a proud tradition of working with governments dating back over 60 years. Today, our ability to deliver complex, fast-track construction, logistics, support services and on-going operations and maintenance in cities and towns or in remote and challenging locations has made KBR a leading provider of services to government clients around the world.

KBR's Government Services provides a broad range of services to the military and civilian branches of government entities around the world. We leverage the knowledge and skills of our entire organization to fulfill our mission of providing tailored solutions to support our customers' needs. Our strong service ethic and ability to rapidly deploy whenever and wherever our clients need us have made us a premier government service provider.
Project Profile: Liquid Fuel ICBM Disassembly Project
KBR assists the Russian Federation in complying with START Treaties through the effective and efficient elimination and dismantlement of their weapons of mass destruction. KBR is managing the elimination and dismantlement of over 100 SS-18 ICBM silos, including silos used as Launch Control Centers, launch support equipment and support infrastructure such as neutralizing stations and liquid rocket fuel refueling components.
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