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KBR has been a leader in olefin plant design and construction and technology development for over 50 years. We provide cost-effective plants for the production of ethylene, propylene, butadiene and other by-products from feedstocks ranging from ethane to vacuum gas oils.

Since 1990, 15 new ethylene plants have come onstream using KBR technology. During this period, we have been selected for more than 30% of the new grassroots capacity awarded -- the largest share of any ethylene technology supplier.

KBR's extensive olefins experience, combined with an exclusive license agreement to utilize ExxonMobil Chemicals ethylene technology developments, is the basis for our olefins plant designs under the trademark SCORE™, Selective Cracking Optimum REcovery. SCORE technology uses cracking furnaces that provide the highest olefins yields available in the industry and a low-capital, high-efficiency product recovery system based on low-pressure distillation tower designs.

KBR's SUPERFLEX™ technology provides a unique method for converting low-value olefins streams, such as mixed butenes, pentenes, FCC light gasoline and coker gasoline, to valuable propylene and ethylene products. This technology can be used for stand-alone production units or integrated into existing olefins plants. SUPERFLEX was originally developed by ARCO.

Butadiene Extraction
KBR's Butadiene Extraction technology, through license from Shell Research Limited, produces polymer grade butadiene from olefins plant mixed C4 streams. This modern, efficient process can be used for building new plants or upgrading or expanding existing butadiene extraction units.

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