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KBR offers single-train ammonia plants ranging in capacity from 600 to over 4,000 mtpd. We recently designed and constructed two 1,850 mtpd ammonia plants in Trinidad. They are among the world's largest single-train ammonia plants.
Ammonia Plant
KBR has licensed more than 200 ammonia plants since 1943. In the 1960's, KBR pioneered the large-scale, single-train ammonia plant. As a result, KBR licensed ammonia plants account for more than 50% of the world's capacity installed since 1965.

KBR offers the KAAPplus™ Ammonia Process, the Purifier™ Ammonia Process and Ammonia Plant Revamps. KBR's ammonia technology positions the plant owner as a true low-cost producer in a highly competitive business.

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