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KBR has an unsurpassed ability to field a comprehensive Construction organization anywhere in the world. Our skill set includes all aspects of construction execution, including international construction management, direct hire labor, subcontracts management and an extensive support organization for systems, equipment and tools. Based on the Engineering News Record rankings for 2003, KBR is ranked number one in the Industrial Process/Petrochemical market sector, as well as number one in the International EPC/EPCM market sector. KBR is also recognized as a global leader in the construction of hydrocarbon facilities. Our long-tenured and widely dispersed staff delivers construction services to remote or harsh environments all over the world in a safe, timely, quality conscious and cost-effective manner.
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Consulting services are provided through all of KBR’s solutions in the form of expert technical and management advice. The scope of KBR’s Consulting services covers studies, conceptual and detailed engineering, project management, construction supervision and design and construction verification or certification. These services are provided directly to KBR’s customers and independently of suppliers and construction contractors. Over the years, KBR has acquired several leading consulting businesses, including Howard Humphreys, established in 1899; Kinhill, founded in 1960; and Granherne, created in 1984.
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KBR is a world leader in Engineering. The legacy companies that constitute today’s KBR have been leaders in Engineering since the beginning of the last century; and as a full-service EPC company, Engineering is a key element in our offerings to our customers. In terms of size, geographical reach, technical skills, work processes and execution tools we are ranked as one of the best in the world. Engineering includes the delivery of safe, fit-for-purpose designs and supports our proprietary technology offerings throughout KBR’s product lines. These services are delivered on a global basis utilizing skilled professionals from our 21 engineering offices around the world.
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Health, Safety, & Environment (HS&E)
Halliburton maintains Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) as a core value and provides support on HS&E matters as they relate to our business activities. Helping to define, establish and incorporate HS&E responsibility and accountability through every level creates value for our customers. Our vision is to create an incident-free environment and to conduct business with no adverse environmental impact. By integrating HS&E into all of our business activities, Halliburton demonstrates industry leadership in HS&E performance.
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Logistics Management
KBR is considered the number one Logistics Management or "logistics" provider for large complex projects and operations around the world. Logistics Management provides all the requisite materials, facilities and personnel necessary to support delivery of a wide range of products or services. It includes all aspects of planning, procurement, transportation, materials handling, maintenance and related events necessary to support projects or operations anywhere in the world. KBR has been performing logistics management services since the 1930s. Logistics Management has been a part of every project delivered, from the first major Brown & Root project, the Marshall Ford (Mansfield) Dam, awarded in 1936 and delivered in 1942, to M.W. Kellogg’s 20 ammonia plants which were brought on line between 1964 and 1967. Today, KBR dominates the Government Services world contingency market by providing responsive logistics support to forces deployed around the world. Perhaps no project better demonstrates the seamless integration of KBR’s comprehensive logistics capabilities than the Restore Iraq Oil (RIO) services contract in conjunction with LOGCAP III support of the Iraq reconstruction.
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Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
In Operations & Maintenance (O&M), we provide full field Operations and totally integrated Maintenance management to customers. With people and tools capable of being deployed worldwide, our teams provide in-depth and direct support, harnessing our complete range of skills, systems and experience to operate, maintain and modify customer assets. Our Plant Services group supports the commissioning and start-up of many of the plants KBR designs and builds. The vastly experienced Production Services team embraces the full spectrum of skills from well operations, brownfield program management to full plant management. The strength of our maintenance management service is based on the quality of our experience. Our Principle Centered Maintenance™ program helps drive sustainable change in our customers’ maintenance culture and has a track record of significantly reducing maintenance costs while increasing asset uptime and performance.
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Process Technology
Process Technology is composed of both proprietary and special execution technologies, where KBR has either an ownership or licensed position or provides a special skill set that is an industry leader. These technologies fall into the following categories: Proprietary, which includes ammonia and syngas, petrochemicals, including olefin, chemicals & polymers and refining and Special Execution, which includes liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas-to-liquids (GTL) and large gas processing facilities and Offshore Deepwater.
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KBR Worldwide Procurement Operations is widely recognized by our customers and suppliers as a leader in our industry. KBR Procurement includes purchasing, materials management, expediting, inspection and logistics for the KBR Houston, Leatherhead, Singapore and MWKL offices, as well as KBR Government Services. While "procurement" is generally viewed as a money spending activity, KBR Procurement also focuses on cost savings and reductions that in 2002 resulted in documented savings for our customers in the amount of $89,546,396. This exceeded our target for the year by 48.62 percent. Procurement is traditionally a highly- visible activity for our customers, and KBR Procurement is keenly aware that our performance will have a significant impact on the success of a project and ultimately customer satisfaction. Our Procurement service is currently a part of all KBR product lines and is a service that can be provided as part of a specific product line or on a stand-alone basis to our customers.
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Program Management
Many organizations seek to have a skilled and experienced contractor assume overall responsibility for the management of all aspects of their project; others select a contractor to manage a limited scope of activities. KBR is in a unique position to provide such Program Management services. We have a large work force with experience in a vast number of different projects. We have the ability to provide teams with experience across multiple industries and in all parts of the world. Over the years, KBR has provided Program Management on numerous projects for both the government and private sectors.
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Project Development
Over the past 10 years, there has been an accelerating trend toward procuring capital assets and long-term Operation & Maintenance services under single agreements commonly known as DBFO (Design, Build, Finance and Operate) contracts. To successfully pursue these contracts, KBR has developed highly-specialized commercial, financial and legal expertise to augment its traditional engineering, construction and O&M skills. Project Development involves the multi-disciplinary application of these new and traditional capabilities to DBFO or similar opportunities. Beginning with the successful development of the Dulles Greenway Toll Road project in northern Virginia in the early 1990s, KBR has built a world-class capability in Project Development. In 1996, KBR transferred its U.S. expertise to the U.K. to close two 30-year shadow toll road contracts under the U.K. government’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI) program. Since that time, the U.K. has become the largest market for DBFO contracts. Through its participation in and joint ownership of the Road Management Group, KBR is now one of the U.K.’s most successful developers in the roads sector. KBR has also successfully closed the "Pathfinder" Heavy Equipment Transporter contract for the U.K. Ministry of Defence and the Alice Springs to Darwin railroad, the world’s longest DBFO rail project. Many of these projects have won industry awards for creativity and innovation.
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Project Management
We offer Project Management services on a standalone basis to assist our customers managing their contractors. Project Management has been a vital part of KBR’s business since the inception of Brown & Root and M.W. Kellogg and remains so today. We were recently listed number one by Engineering News Record in terms of contractors who execute Project Management contracts. Additionally, Project Management is an integral part of most of the full-service EPC projects and other business objectives that KBR undertakes.
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Research and Development
Research & Development (R&D) has been a KBR focus since the 1920s. For more than 80 years, KBR has remained one of the few leading engineering and construction companies to specialize in R&D. Throughout its history, KBR’s R&D group has been responsible for the development and improvement of many commercialized technologies, including fluid catalytic cracking, ammonia synthesis and olefin production. The R&D group is housed at the KBR Technology Center in Houston, Texas. This 70,000 square foot facility is also home to Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI), a startup company founded by Nobel Prize winner Richard Smalley. Here, CNI and KBR are currently working together to commercialize the production of single wall carbon nanotubes.

KBR, in association with YRM Architects & Planners and Hewdon Consulting, created a study for the UK Highways Agency into the Development of Underground Space for Transport Interchanges. Read the study report and view the virtual reality models of generic interchanges.
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