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To Unleash Your Energy, Tap Into Ours.
Tap into our extraordinary people, award-winning technologies, performance profiles, sustainability leadership and community involvement. Wherever you look, Halliburton has the energy you need!

Offering a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide, Halliburton’s Energy Services Group consists of four business segments:
  •  Digital and Consulting Solutions
  •  Drilling and Formation Evaluation
  •  Fluid Systems
  •  Production Optimization
Energy Services Showcase
Under pressure to find and produce more oil and gas every year, energy companies are faced with the challenge of recovering hydrocarbons from increasingly remote and difficult locations.

Natural Gas  
Natural Gas
To keep expanding markets supplied, producers must economically extend the life of major market fields and successfully access reserves that were once regarded as too expensive to exploit.

Mature Assets  
Mature Assets
Mature fields account for 70 percent of the world’s production. How to increase recoveries and production in these fields, often with reduced resources, is the dilemma facing most operators.

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Award Winning Technology
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2005 Hart's Meritorious Engineering Innovation Award
DecisionSpace® Well Seismic Fusion™ (PDF file)
FasTest™ (PDF file)
BoreMax™ (PDF file)
DeepReach™ (PDF file)

2005 Offshore Technology Conference – Spotlight on New Technology
ABT-VR (PDF file)

Community Reach and Involvement
Community Impact
Energy to Help (PDF file)

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