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Organic Chemicals

KBR has executed over 700 Chemical Projects with proprietary technologies like Phenol and has extensive experience in chlorine/vinyl, polymers, and specialty chemicals. KBR has many first-of-a-kind experiences in Specialty Chemical projects, including design, engineering and construction phases.

Phenol is a KBR owned technology with over 40 years of experience. 50% of the world's licensed capacity of Phenol production is through KBR.

KBR has been working exclusively with DuPont since 1999, on licensing of DuPont's Acrylonitrile technology, and on the sale of DuPont's proprietary catalyst system. This Acrylonitrile technology features a proprietary reactor design, and comes with over 40 years of experience.

Iso-octane from iso-butylene, through dimerization, is the concept behind Fortum's NExOCTANE™ technology, which is licensed exclusively through KBR. This technology is applicable to a wide range of mixed C4 feedstocks, and is well suited for revamps of existing MTBE units.

ExxonMobil Chemical's n-Paraffin technology is licensed exclusively by KBR. The extraction of n-Paraffins from Kerosene has a high degree of flexibility, and low capital cost. This technology produces a high quality product, with over 30 years of operating experience behind it.

Aniline / Mono-Nitrobenzene (MNB)
DuPont's technology for mono-Nitrobenzene (MNB) and Aniline is licensed exclusively by KBR. The technology offers low cost production of high quality Aniline product, backed by over 60 years of DuPont experience.

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