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Residuum Processing

Residuum Oil Supercritical Extraction (ROSE™), the premier Solvent Deasphalting technology available, results in lower capital, utility and maintenance costs. ROSE™ features supercritical solvent recovery based on KBR’s ROSEMAX™ high performance separator internals and provides maximum yield and quality of DAO for a wide range of feedstocks. KBR has 29 licensed ROSE™ units with over 500,000 BPSD of capacity. This low-cost, high-benefit residual upgrading step can be stand-alone or integrated with other upgrades.

ROSEMAX™ Internals
KBR's proprietary ROSEMAX™ equipment benefits Residuum Oil Supercritical Extraction (ROSE™) licensees in several ways. For existing ROSE™ units, ROSEMAX™ equipment, developedin collaboration with Koch-Glitsch, is a more economical means to debottleneck for higher throughput and improved quality of the deasphalted oil product. ROSE™ licensees also benefit from ROSEMAX™ equipment through lower operating and capital costs and increased operating flexibility.

LUBEMAX™ technology is a unique adaptation of existing liquid-liquid extraction tray technology to suit the requirements of the Lube Oil extraction columns used in solvent deasphalting (SDA) and aromatics extraction processes. Koch-Glitsch and KBR collaborated to develop LUBEMAX™ trays to address the deficiencies of existing rotating disc contactor (RDC) columns and provide an optimized solution for non-RDC lube SDA extractors.

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