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Oil & Gas Production

Mention some of the world’s largest oil and gas production projects and it’s likely that we have had a hand in them. KBR provides a complete range of services – from consulting, through engineering, procurement and construction – to the onshore oil and gas market, delivering breakthrough results and helping our customers derive the greatest value from their assets. Along with wells and well sites, gathering systems and gas processing facilities, compression stations and metering systems and full field development, KBR also puts in place the infrastructure needed to make such projects feasible– literally creating working towns in isolated places with everything from running water to satellite communications.

A pioneer in the offshore industry since building the first offshore platform out of the sight of land in 1947, KBR provides a full package of solutions to the offshore shallow water and the offshore deepwater markets, including substructures and production facilities, floatover decks, fixed structures, floating platforms, offshore pipelines and subsea facilities. The acquisition of GVA Consultants (GVA-C), the world’s leading designer of semi-submersibles for more than 20 years, enables KBR to offer solutions to one of the industry’s most challenging arenas—profitable hydrocarbon recovery from ultra-deepwater fields.

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