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KBR supports the marketing and engineering of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) hydroprocessing technologies through the EMRE and KBR Hydroprocessing Technology Alliance. The alliance features a family of hydrotreating technologies for the production of low-sulfur, clean-burning transportation fuels.

SCANfining™ employs selective cat naphtha desulfurization to remove sulfur from FCC gasoline, achieve low sulfur in the gasoline pool and meet complex formula requirements. Three units are now operating with this technology, with commercial operations exceeding five years. SCANfining features fixed bed reactors with modest operating pressures and temperatures, making this an ideal application for revamps.

OCTGAIN™ offers FCC naphtha sulfur removal utilizing a two-step process that recovers octane. This technology makes it possible to increase the octane of the product. The advantages include very high desulfurization exceeding 99%, with feed octane retention. The moderate operating pressure and fixed bed design allow easier conversion of existing equipment. This technology is refinery friendly and suitable for achieving multiple objectives. OCTGAIN™ is commercially proven.

GO-fining™ and RESID-fining™
These technologies allow for upgrading gas oils and residua for cat cracking and low-sulfur fuel oil.

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