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Organic Chemicals


KBR is the exclusive licensor of DuPont Acrylonitrile (ACRN) technology and its proprietary catalyst system. Acrylonitrile is the basic monomer for the production of two major polymers: acrylic fibres and Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene.

The DuPont/KBR ACRN technology is based on a high activity, high throughput catalyst. One of the characteristics of the catalyst is mechanical strength, resulting in a lower catalyst loss. DuPont has developed a Catalyst Bed Management Program to maintain the reactor catalyst bed at optimal performance throughout the operation. The reaction products are recovered in a highly efficient process that results in higher recovery of ACRN and Hydrogen Cyanide with lower energy consumption.

DuPont's operating expertise can help increase the on-stream time of the plant. This includes the effective use of inhibitors to help reduce the formation of cyanide and nitrile polymers and the use of an anti-foulant system to help increase the on-stream time of the equipment.

Furthermore, improvements in product quality, operating efficiency and aqueous effluent reduction help reduce capital and operating costs.

A team of specialists at DuPont and KBR license the technology, and support it with both operating and engineering expertise to help ensure a quality process from engineering through commissioning and start-up. We also provide continuing technical support so you can look forward to years of successful operation.

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