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Purifier™ Ammonia Process

KBR's well-proven cryogenic syngas Purifier™ Ammonia Process offers several advantages:
  • The size of the primary reformer is reduced by about one third, as compared to a traditional ammonia plant. This is because the Purifier allows mild reforming conditions.
  • The Purifier™ provides stability and flexibility of operation. This is because the Purifier maintains the composition of the feed to the synthesis loop, independent of variations in the front end of the plant.
  • The Purifier™ provides a very clean makeup gas to the synthesis loop. Therefore, the required synloop purge is very small, and the synloop pressure can be reduced.
  • The synloop purge is recycled to the Purifier, so a separate purge gas recovery unit is not needed.
Ammonia PurifierKBR's Purifier™ removes all methane and most of the argon from the syngas, by liquid nitrogen wash. The Purifier™ works by auto-refrigeration assisted by a small expander.

The Purifier™ Ammonia Process offers lower capital costs, more competitive energy consumption, increased reliability, and lower maintenance costs.

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