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KBR’s Reforming Exchanger System KRES™

KBR’s Reforming Exchanger System (KRES™) combines a KBR Reforming Exchanger with an autothermal reformer (ATR), working in parallel. This design is very attractive at sites where low cost oxygen is available. This design has the following advantages:
  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower emissions, averaging 56% reduction compared to a fired reformer design
  • Smaller plot space
  • Lower energy consumption than fired reformer design
  • Less steam export than fired reformer design
  • Faster and easier start-up and operation
Hydrogen by KRES
KBR's KRES™ reforming exchanger system has been in commercial operation since 1994. View KRES™ Scheme. Feed and oxidant (air, enriched air, or oxygen) are preheated in a simple fired heater. The fuel for the heater may be low-value material such as fuel oil. Part of the heat for the reforming reaction is recovered from the reformer effluent in a KRES™ reforming exchanger. The exchanger contains reforming catalyst in the tubes.

KBR's well-proven autothermal reformer performs partial oxidation of light hydrocarbons.

KBR's waste heat boiler is a natural-circulation, water-tube, floating-head design. It has low capital and maintenance cost.

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