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Fixed Structures

KBR has an impressive track record for providing fixed structures for offshore oil and gas production. We tailor the solution to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective structure for the water depth, sea conditions, production and storage requirements and other key factors. Our fixed structure solutions include:

KBR offers jacket structures as a part of our offshore fixed structure solutions. We utilize structural, naval architectural and geotechnical engineers to carefully design jacket structures. Jacket structures are a reliable and robust solution for most offshore environments in water depths from 10 meters up to 300 meters. Topside payloads range from a few hundred tons to 40,000 tons or more.

Most offshore platforms to date are supported on jacket structures. These structures comprise steel tubular frameworks of braces and legs usually fixed to the seabed by piles. The piles are driven using hammers through the legs or through pile sleeves located at the bottom of each leg. Wells are accessed through vertical steel tubes (conductors) and product is exported to pipelines via risers.

Floatover Deck
KBR Floatover is an installation method that allows offshore platform topsides to be installed as a single integrated package. This permits the deck to be completed onshore, with the financial benefit of eliminating substantial offshore hook-up and commissioning and the associated costs.

Floatover decks are especially attractive in areas where the topside weight exceeds locally available crane capacity and the cost of mobilizing larger cranes is high. Such areas include offshore Australia, the Far East and the Caspian Sea. Floatover decks have also been used in the North Sea.

Minimum Facility Platforms
KBR has developed and delivered minimum platform facilities for more than 10 years. We have developed low cost fabrication solutions to compliment the level of reduction in topside load. The utilization of such structures can often lead to the difference between a commercial and non-commercial evaluation on a shallow water field.

Gravity Base Structures
KBR develops, delivers and installs gravity base structures as part of our offshore solutions. Gravity base structures are used primarily where storage is required in the field. These gravity base structures comprise large volume bases with one or more surface piercing columns to support the deck. The large volume of the base provides storage capacity.

Prior to installation, the base can provide buoyancy for the structure. In some cases, the deck can be installed on the gravity base in the construction yard and carried offshore pre- installed. This minimizes offshore hook-up and commissioning and the associated costs. Gravity structures can be made of steel, concrete or a hybrid of the two.

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