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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

KBR is the world's leading provider of design, engineering and construction services to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. Our experience in the past 25 years, alone or in joint ventures, includes:
  • Participation in one or both phases of all but one grassroots LNG project built since 1976. In the one exception KBR participated in the project definition phase and developed key concepts incorporated into the final project
  • Engineering and constructing approximately 62% of the total installed worldwide LNG tonnage
  • Instrumental involvement in approximately 70% of all LNG receiving terminals built outside of Japan
  • Experience in diverse, often remote geographic locations on plants of all sizes, including the world's largest LNG complex
KBR brings to this market a proven commitment to technical innovation, cost optimization, safety, quality, and state-of-the-art project execution, all geared to meet client requirements. We help our clients advance their LNG technology to the highest possible level of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, whether developing new designs for grassroots implementation or expanding existing facilities. We do so by employing the industry's most experienced LNG engineers, supplied with the latest technology and tools.

LNG Technology
KBR has engineered plants based on almost all licensed processes and has built plants with both gas turbine and steam turbine drivers, cooled with both seawater and air. This wide range of experience enables KBR to evaluate the best options for a given site.

LNG Receiving Terminals
KBR has designed and/or constructed more LNG receiving terminals than any other contractor. KBR holds approximately 70% overall market share for all terminal FEED projects. Our designs today account for a total combined send-out LNG capacity of approximately 75 million tonnes annually.

KBR is a world leader in LNG liquefaction technology. Grassroots liquefaction plants built by KBR joint ventures over the last three decades produce more than approximately 39 million tonnes worldwide annually, and our expansions and revamps are responsible for approximately 38 million tonnes annually.

Gas to Liquids (GTL)
KBR has experience in all technology steps involved in Fischer-Tropsch GTL plants and brings to this market proven global execution capabilities of building large plants in remote greenfield and brownfield locations.

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