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Subsurface Solutions
Using innovative, industry-leading expertise, we have compiled an extraordinary global track record that includes a number of world drilling records and completion firsts. One of our key records has been providing completion services to over 90% of the top producing wells in the GOM.

FullDrift® Drilling Suite
This group of drilling tools delivers lower wellbore tortuosity and cleaner holes, for more efficient well-logging and casing running operations; also reduces total well construction and evaluation time.

WellLife® Cementing Service
WellLife Services utilizes a finite element analysis software package to predict the various stress regimes that a cement slurry will be subjected to during the life of the well.

BAT™ LWD Sonic Tool
Bi-modal acoustic tool includes dual transmitters, dual receiver arrays, and dual frequency operation for superior reliability and measurement quality during deepwater drilling.

ENVENTURE: Solid Expandable Tubular (SET™) Technology
Solid Expandable Tubular (SET) Technology enables the radial expansion of a string of casing using special downhole tools that permanently deform of the pipe through a cold-working process insitu. This technology is being increasingly used to achieve step-change reductions in drilling cost by decreasing the size, number of casing strings and time required to reach targeted depths as compared to a conventional well construction program.

SmartWell® Systems employ remotely-operated, adaptive completion systems, permitting the operator to reconfigure the well's architecture and acquire real-time data without well intervention. It also helps improve operator's field recovery.

Applied Geomechanics
Geomechanics is the application of rock mechanics and rock physics to help solve reservoir engineering, drilling and production problems by using the knowledge of earth stresses, tectonics, rock properties and structural analysis to predict the behavior of wells and reservoirs. Halliburton's Applied Geomechanics defines in-situ stress state, pore pressure and effective rock strengths to aid in the design of stable drilling trajectories and optimal mud weight management and casing seat selection.

DeepWater Flo-Stop® 5000 System
DeepWater Flo-Stop® 5000 System controls shallow water flows in deepwater with a single liquid additive for cement already on rig.

Deepwater Stimulation Vessels
New additions to Halliburton's fleet provides premier stimulation services for deepwater operations worldwide.

Near Bit Reamer (NBR®)
Hydraulically activated concentric, hole-enlargement tool with optimum steerability and stability benefits.

Deepwater Sand Control
Proper well candidate selection and treatment design, excellence in on-site delivery, safe execution, and post-treatment reporting and analysis are the keys to a successful deepwater sand control program.

Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™)/MRILab
RDT™ provides zero shock PVT sampling while utilizing in-situ bubble point testing to identify ideal sampling control pressure. The RDT combined with the MRILab™ provides laboratory-quality fluid measurements of the oil sample viscosity, gas/oil ratio, and identification of oil sample contamination by volume percentage at reservoir conditions.

Total Fluids Management®
Halliburton's management and optimization process helps reduce waste and expense associated with deepwater drilling and completion operations.

Big Bore Completions
PEAK™ large 7-in. and 9-5/8-in. monobore completion system for high-rate, prolific reservoirs.

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