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Directional Drilling & Surveying
Directional Drilling
Sperry Drilling Services has extensive experience in planning and supervising the most complex directional wells, so we can help with your most challenging directional drilling needs. Our coordinators ensure we meet your objectives by providing more accurate and timely information to your field personnel.

Our experienced directional drillers are on site to help monitor every phase of drilling your well -- ready with informed responses and more accurate solutions. We have the personnel and the tools to help complete any directional drilling project.

Sperry Drilling Services directional drilling services feature Sperry Drill® mud motors and the new FullDrift® drilling suite. The Sperry Drill mud motor is designed to operate reliably under a wide range of downhole conditions. It provides for more effective conventional directional, horizontal, and performance drilling while it reduces drillpipe, collar, and casing wear and minimizes related problems.

The FullDrift drilling suite is based on a set of drilling tools that provide a smooth wellbore with less spiraling and micro-tortuosities, resulting in maximum wellbore drift. The components of this suite include the SlickBore® matched drilling system, SlickBore Plus™ drilling and reaming system and
Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system.

Directional Surveying Services
Directional Surveys provide definitive data that depicts the position of a borehole or well path in 3D space. Sperry Drilling Services' surveying and orientation services are customized for your specific needs. In addition to the experience of our personnel, we offer a wide range of surveying instruments and software applications.

Successive electronic and mechanical developments and innovations have resulted in exceptional sensor accuracy and data quality. The orthogonal data output from these tools can now be further refined to correct for BHA/system misalignments. Tool calibration status can also be determined real time with refined knowledge of the local magnetic field and the use of analytical software. The net effect of this continuous development is the production of quality data and guaranteed performance, with any downhole sensor problem readily identified facilitating the potential for real time correction and largely uninterrupted operations.

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