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Fluid Systems
The Fluid Systems Division focuses on fluid management and technologies to assist in the drilling and construction of oil and gas wells.

Drilling fluids remove drilled cuttings from the wellbore, provide for well control and help enhance drilling efficiency. Specialized solids control equipment and drilling waste management technologies are used to maintain drilling fluids and help reduce, recover and recycle byproducts of the drilling operation. Completion fluids and filtration equipment allow the well to be brought into production with the least amount of damage to oil- or gas-bearing formations.

Cementing services ensure a bond to provide structural support for the casing, provide zonal isolation behind casing to prevent fluid movement between formations, help maintain wellbore integrity, and improve the longevity of the well’s productive cycle.

Our Baroid Fluid Services and Cementing product service lines are included in this division, along with Enventure, an expandable casing joint venture.
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