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Security DBS Drill Bits
Through its Security DBS Drill Bits product service line, Halliburton is a worldwide supplier of roller cone and fixed cutter rock bits, coring equipment and services, and downhole tools.

Security DBS Drill Bits offers a comprehensive service, including applications and technical support and can help improve total well efficiency through increased reservoir sampling tools backed by our downhole dynamics expertise.

Roller Cone Bits
Security DBS Drill Bits manufactures a complete line of steel tooth and tungsten carbide insert bits. Our patented Claw™ Tooth and Diamond Tech2000™ hardfacing technology, which incorporates diamond inlays in steel tooth cutting structures, helps extend the life and rate of penetration of our premium steel tooth products. Our new Energy Balanced® Series are force and volume balanced to create even wear, leading to extended bit life and optimized performance.

Fixed Cutter Bits
Security DBS Drill Bits is the technological leader in fixed cutter bits worldwide. Our Fixed Cutter bits command the leading market share worldwide. The company's FM2000® line of matrix PDC bits has established itself as the most reliable and consistent PDC choice available, whether the criteria are economics, ROP, durability, or steerability. Our line of steel body PDC bits, FS2000™, incorporates patented Anti-Balling Coating, and has the largest open face volume of any PDC product line on the market. Our new Elite Series Deep Ring Claw™ PDC cutter offers impact resistance approaching that of much thinner diamond layer products, increased cutter wear and impact resistance, and provides extended bit life with improved performance for improved drilling economics.

Security DBS Drill Bits is one of the premier full service coring companies worldwide. We manufacture a complete line of core bits for all coring environments. Our coring systems are designed to increase the speed of the coring process and enhance the quality of the core recovered. We offer total core management providing an optimum solution to our customers' reservoir evaluation needs.

Downhole Tools
Security DBS Drill Bits produces a number of leading downhole tools. These include the Cuttings Bed Impeller (CBI™), Near Bit Reamer (NBR®), Under Reamer (UR™) and Drill String Torque Reduction Sub (DSTR™).

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