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Logging-While-Drilling Services

Measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) systems provide wellbore directional surveys, petrophysical well logs, and drilling information in real time while drilling. They do so by employing instrumented drill collars and a downhole-to-surface data telemetry system.

The term MWD generally refers to all measurements acquired downhole while drilling or specifically to describe directional surveying and drilling-related measurements. LWD refers to petrophysical measurements, similar to open hole wireline logs, acquired while drilling.

Sperry Drilling Services' MWD/LWD services feature modular sensors that can be tailored to your drilling and formation requirements and well economics. Sperry Drilling Services' MWD/LWD services are compatible with its drilling systems, including the FullDrift® drilling suite.

Sperry Drilling Services' commitment to superior service quality and reliability is reflected in our MWD/LWD system development. The shock, pressure and heat of the downhole drilling environment make survival of any electronic instrument difficult. Our electronic designs are subjected to extreme heat, vibration and pressure tests until they meet Sperry Drilling Services' stringent reliability standards, then the entire MWD systems are re-tested. Continuous improvements in design, inspection, failure analysis, and certification enable Sperry Drilling Services' MWD/LWD services to continue to lead the industry in reliability.

A complete line of LWD services is available from Sperry Drilling Services, utilizing both mud pulse and electromagnetic telemetry. Data can be transmitted in real time or recorded in downhole memory and retrieved after each bit run after the tool returns to the surface. Parameters vital for real-time applications and decisions are selected for transmission. Meanwhile, the remaining raw data, diagnostic parameters, and other information is recorded in downhole memory and accessed at the end of each bit run.

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