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Baroid Fluid Services Technology

New Developments

The latest technology offerings include:

High-Performance Synthetic-Based Systems
   •  ACCOLADE® Clay-Free Ester-Blend SBF
   •  ENCORE® All-IO SBF with ACCOLADE Technology

High-Performance Inhibitive Water-Based Systems
   •  BORE-MAX™ Fresh-Water System (onshore)
   •  CRYSTAL-DRIL® Clear-Water System (onshore)
   •  HYDRO-GUARD® System (offshore)
   •  PERFORMADRIL® System (offshore)

Specialty Products
   •  BAROFIBRE® Seepage Loss Additive
   •  BAROLIFT® Sweeping Agent
   •  CLAYSEAL® Shale Stabilizer
   •  HYDRO-PLUG® Hydrating Lost Circulation Material
   •  QUIK-FREE® Spotting Fluid
   •  STEELSEAL® Lost Circulation Material
   •  STOP-FRAC® Lost Circulation Material
   •  SWEEP-WATE® Coarse Grind Barite Weighting Material

DFG™ Software with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Module (PDF file)

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