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Completion Fluids & Filtration
Completion fluids and filtration services can help improve well productivity by yielding solids-free fluids to prevent formation damage. Depending upon location and local conditions, filtration services can be provided by either the Baroid Fluid Services or the Halliburton Production Enhancement product service line. In most cases, planning and operations are fully coordinated to give you single-source assistance with your needs.

Baroid Fluid Services' filtration services offer the flexibility and versatility to help effectively meet all filtration conditions. The primary challenge for any filtration system is the quantity and size of particles in the contaminated completion or workover fluid. Since particles are never uniformly sized and distributed, various methods of removal are used. As a result, Baroid Fluid Services has designed filtration systems that are adaptable and configured to address a wide range of filtration requirements, including stability in drilling, completion and workover operations.

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