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Sperry Drilling Services
Surface Data Logging (SDL)
Halliburton's surface data logging services provide both intelligent rig monitoring and geological mudlogging services. Rig safety, geological evaluations, engineering analysis, and data management are all key elements in our SDL services.

Directional Drilling & Surveying
Through its Sperry Drilling Services product service line, Halliburton has extensive experience in planning and supervising the most complex directional wells, so we can help with your most challenging directional drilling needs.

Logging-While-Drilling Services
Through its Sperry Drilling Services product service line, Halliburton's measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) systems provide wellbore directional surveys, petrophysical well logs, and drilling information in real time while drilling.

Innovative Services
Sperry Drilling Services offers a variety of new services aimed at addressing and evolving the new collaborative multi-disciplined workflows being adopted by our customers with the goal of improving their exploration and production performance.

Multilateral Systems
Halliburton's Sperry Drilling Services product service line offers multilateral technology developed to increase reservoir exposure by using complex drainage architecture. Utilization of this technology is a repeatable process than can also lead to decreased risk and lower costs throughout the life cycle of a well.

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