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Cased-Hole Logging
With more than 76 years of specialized cased-hole experience, Halliburton has the resources to help with all your cased-hole challenges. We offer world-class products and services for:
   •  Cementing evaluation
   •  Reservoir monitoring
   •  Production analysis
   •  Formation compaction monitoring
   •  Perforating
   •  Pipe evaluation
   •  Pipe recovery
   •  Mechanical needs

FloImager Log: Track 1 consists of a gamma ray, relative bearing, temperature, pressure and continuous spinner. Track 2 provides the image of the flow as measured by the CAT tool. Track 3 shows the average of the 12 sensors along with the two center sample holdup measurements, fluid density and Hydro tool. Track 4 provides a cross-sectional view of the data in track 2. This presentation allows a quick method for determining fluid contacts while providing an accurate calculation of fluid composition.

Click on image to view a larger version.

Over the years, Halliburton has been responsible for numerous logging innovations. Our FloImager® service provides three-phase holdup calculations using data from the Capacitance Array Tool (CAT®). This service is extremely useful in highly deviated and horizontal wells having multiphase flow. Applications for detecting three phase fluid entry can be done at any angle. Our Hostile Full Wave Sonic tool provides reliable bond data in temperatures up to 500F and pressures as high as 25,000 psi. Halliburton's Spectra Flow™ Service sets a new standard in water flow technology by accurately detecting and quantifying downhole water flow to enhance conformance and water management. For cement and casing evaluation, Halliburton offers our CAST-V™ (Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool). This new-generation tool allows complete acoustic visualization, in both cased and open holes through higher resolution, precise digital information and simultaneous measurements.

CAST-V (Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool) visualization.

Click on image to view a larger version.

Halliburton's commitment to innovation remains strong. Our RMT Elite™ (Reservoir Monitor Tool) is a unique through-tubing carbon/oxygen (C/O) system, offering two to three times higher measurement resolution than other through-tubing C/O logging systems. Its high-density Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO) detectors allow the RMT Elite tool to achieve resolutions previously available only with larger-diameter C/O systems. As a result, the RMT Elite tool can be used to log continuous passes in low-porosity formations where other systems can only be run in a stationary mode. The RMT Elite tool can also be conveyed into a well with tubing completions unlike larger C/O systems that can only log through casing.

To complement the RMT Elite's accurate measurements, Halliburton has a complete line of interpretation products, such as the CarboxSat and SigmaSat models. Because not all reservoirs can be interpreted with "canned" interpretation models, these customizable interpretation models are tailored to fit each customer's specific reservoir analysis problem.

By measuring a fixed distance between radioactive markers using the FCMT™ (Formation Compaction Monitoring Tool), Halliburton is able to measure formation compaction which can cause casing damage, a subsidence bowl or even platform subsidence in offshore situations. Formation compaction may also change the porosity and permeability of the reservoir rock, thus affecting recovery efficiency and well productivity. Detector spacing is customized to match each customer's requirements, and each measurement is speed corrected and temperature compensated.

Whatever your cased hole logging needs, you can depend on Halliburton to provide the right technology, services and support to meet them-providing the answers you require for today and for tomorrow.

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