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Security Solutions

For more than 75 years, KBR has managed and completed extraordinary projects around the world. We have invaluable experience responding to worldwide emergencies and crises, both natural and manmade. Our management experience includes significant capabilities for security, including:
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Security assessments
  • Consequence management
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Delivery
  • Physical security
  • Operations and maintenance
Intelligence Analysis
Our Threat Analysis Office monitors, analyzes and maintains imagery, intelligence and information ranging from worldwide situations, threat levels and danger zones to regional and local problem areas. This analysis allows us to quickly parse intelligence information for use in our security assessments.

Security Assessments & Consequence Management
We have provided security assessments and consequence management for a wide range of clients, including embassies, consulates, ports, maritime assets and oil and gas production facilities worldwide. Based on our intelligence analysis, we determine threat scenarios, assess risks and design solutions to help mitigate threats to our clients.

Design & Engineering
KBR ranks among the top three design/engineering firms in the world. We have experts in facilities design and protection, surveillance and security technology. Our solutions range from low-cost electronic surveillance systems to berms, barriers and blast walls.

Construction & Delivery
KBR has delivered security solutions both ashore and afloat. We have upgraded U.S. embassies and consulates, military bases and facilities, petrochemical plants, refineries and other industrial facilities in over 30 countries on six continents.

Currently, we are delivering offshore oil and gas platform, harbor and port security enhancements in the Asia Pacific region and on the US Atlantic Coast. We are also upgrading more than 40 Department of State facilities overseas.

Physical Security, Operations & Maintenance
Beyond assessments, design and construction, KBR provides or augments physical security support, operations and maintenance services. Our clients include the Department of Energy, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Defense, NASA, United States Air Force bases and Army facilities, naval port operations and commercial installations around the world. We have operated in a diverse range of facilities, from petrochemical plants to refugee camps.

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