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Job Order Contracting

We Deliverů Repair, Renovation and Minor Construction support

KBR provides the project management support you need to manage your repair, renovation and construction projects. In fact, we have almost 17 years of experience in delivering Job Order Contracting (JOC) that can help you manage your facilities more flexibly, cost effectively, and with less time-consuming efforts.

KBR is also a proven provider with a client-focused approach and the surge capacity to quickly complete your large projects, whenever you need them. KBR - the JOC leader.
KBR and the JOC Solution

Job Order Contracting (JOC)
Job Order Contracting provides you with an onsite contractor to accomplish cost-effective, highly responsive solutions for concurrent multiple repair, renovation and construction projects under one, competitively bid fixed price contract.

The History of JOC
The JOC concept was initiated by the Department of Defense in 1985 to provide a more efficient solution to facility repair requirements and to substantially reduce the procurement cycle time to award and accomplish multiple job orders. Due to their success, state regulations changed to allow selection of a JOC contractor based on "Best Value" rather than "Lowest Price," as typically required in conventional construction contracting.

How JOC Works
A JOC contract is awarded on a "best value" basis, which is determined by an evaluation of past performance, technical expertise and price. The contracts have a low guaranteed minimum value of work, with a high, but realistic maximum value. The difference between the minimum and maximum volume, and opportunities for year-end extensions at client discretion, give the contractor a strong incentive to provide high quality, cost-effective and responsive service.

JOC and Your Maintenance Staff

In a school district, military base, or any local, state or federal agency, JOC complements the internal maintenance workforce, freeing them up from complex, one-time projects, so they can focus on their primary mission - maintenance.

JOC Benefits

  • Reduces disruptions to ongoing operations - Scheduling flexibility allows work to proceed during downtime.
  • More responsive - Simplifies design phase and speeds multiple project solicitations.
  • Puts money into local economy - Work is subcontracted to local small businesses, as appropriate, to meet client goals.
  • Jointly developing the scope with the client before work begins minimizes change orders.
  • Provides incentives for quality performance - High quality and responsiveness encourages client to maximize volume.
  • Facilitates collaboration between client and engineer/constructor - Contractor assists in planning and design decisions to achieve best value solutions for client's program.
  • Improves efficiency of client maintenance force - Allows workforce to concentrate on routine maintenance, with JOC contractor to react to unforseen requirements.
Our Approach

KBR is experienced in providing innovative contracting solutions. We can help you get the process started by assisting your team in:
  • Developing Requests for Proposals
  • Selecting your contractor based on "Best Value"
  • Discussing other contract vehicles such as Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity and Task Order Contracts.

Our Key Differentiators

Proven JOC Provider
KBR has been in the JOC business almost from the program's inception. Since 1987, we have executed work on over 60 JOC contracts, for a value of almost $2.2 billion.

Rapid Response
KBR is renowned around the world for its rapid response capabilities. We have the surge capacity to help you turn around maintenance jobs quickly or complete major construction jobs during regular or seasonal downtime.

Broad Client Base
KBR has a significant client base that uses JOC services. We have delivered JOC-related services to the educational, municipal, military and health sectors.

Construction Leader
KBR is a global construction leader. That means we have the breadth of services and experience to help you achieve your organization's maintenance and construction goals.

KBR is a client-focused provider. We take the time to help you through the JOC process and work to meet all your important requirements.

KBR values safety as its number one corporate priority. We lead the industry in OSHA safety records and awards.

From small and minority businesses to overseas partners, KBR has proven experience in building and leading diverse teams that support local communities.

KBR provides you with the support you need to manage your repair, renovation and construction projects.

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