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Real Time Reservoir SolutionsSM
Halliburton's Real Time Reservoir Solutions (RTRS) strategy integrates people, technology and processes to dramatically improve the speed and quality of decisions needed for reservoir development. Using powerful satellite and computer networks to bridge the distance between people and data, RTRS helps to enable teams to instantly collaborate, share knowledge and develop solutions from points around the world.

RTRS includes Halliburton's product service line applications, reservoir description and understanding, business and technical solutions, and real-time operations. These come together as the reservoir decision center, a virtual environment that enables team members to collaborate, regardless of where they are located. RTRS helps to improve reservoir performance, and reduce costs and cycle time. It also helps to reduce asset and health, safety and environment risks.

Key enablers of RTRS are:

Real Time Operations
Real Time Operations (RTO) creates a collaborative environment that enables faster, better decisions to be made about reservoir development. With real-time global connectivity, well operations can be linked directly to remote Real Time Operations Centers and Visualization Rooms or, through desktop connectivity, to offices and homes, whether through Halliburton's or the customer network (or both). This connectivity helps to create a virtual, collaborative team environment.

HalLink is Halliburton's high-speed communications network, bridging satellite and computer networks to connect the wellsite to the desktop. These satellite units allow high-speed transmission of data, video and voice through a secure network supporting all Halliburton Real Time Operations. HalLink also provides full-mesh network capability and supports dynamic routing across the network.

Halliburton's INSITE is a real-time data management and distribution system. This system gives all Halliburton product service lines the ability to manage and share data acquired during wellsite operations using a common database structure. INSITE helps to enable better, faster decisions about projects with remote access to real-time data, real-time collaborative decision-making and the ability to compare actual information to plan.

INSITE Anywhere®
INSITE Anywhere is a next-generation, web-based delivery system that provides the flexibility of INSITE technology without the need to install special software. With a secure user name and password, from wherever users can access the Internet, they can view well data as it's collected. Data from any combination of downhole tools and surface sensors is available on a secure INSITE Anywhere, with single point access.

Virtual Environment Hubs
Real Time Reservoir Solutions allows virtual teams to collaborate, regardless of where they or the wellsite are located. Halliburton also provides several physical "hubs" where team members can interact at one location. These hubs feature real-time enhanced visualization, projection and videoconferencing capabilities for monitoring real-time data and activities, bringing together the components of the reservoir decision center.

Virtual environment hubs include Visualization Rooms in Houston and Aberdeen, which provide full 3D, immersive environments, and Real Time Operations Centers in several worldwide locations.

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