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INSITE Anywhere®

Halliburton's new INSITE Anywhere is a Web delivery system that provides real-time access to well data, from any where and at anytime, with a standard Internet connection. With real-time access to data from all the Halliburton well construction and completion services, asset teams can make faster, better decisions about their projects.

As a major element of Halliburton's Real Time Reservoir SolutionsSM strategy, this next-generation INSITE Anywhere service extends the flexibility of Halliburton's INSITE® technology, one of the industry's most robust data management tool, without the need to install special software. With INSITE Anywhere, customers have a single point of access that's simple to use, is secure and is configurable. They also are able to monitor and control multiple wellsite operations from one location.

The improved ability to share knowledge with every team member, anywhere, any time, helps improve real-time collaboration, decision making and results. In addition, eliminating travel to a wellsite helps save time and money and helps reduce travel and wellsite risks to health and safety.

Integrated Solutions
INSITE Anywhere uses Halliburton's advanced HalLink® communications network (or any other, secure network) to bridge the distance between you and your data. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the road, INSITE Anywhere takes you directly to a wellsite - or multiple locations - via the Internet. Simply log on to a website and enter a secure user name and password, and INSITE Anywhere allows you to view data as it's acquired. You can customize the view to meet your needs and preferences.

INSITE Anywhere helps enable you to integrate all of Halliburton's solutions throughout the well's life cycle. You gain access to data across all aspects of the well construction and completion process, including drilling, cementing, wireline logging, well testing and stimulation. With access to real-time data and the ability to share data and knowledge with your team members and Halliburton experts, INSITE Anywhere helps extend your capabilities and resources.

INSITE Anywhere Benefits

   •  Collaborate with team members and Halliburton experts in real-time
   •  Manage wellsite situations as they arise
   •  Make faster, smarter decisions
   •  Participate in and control multiple operations from one location
   •  Deploy expertise and resources more efficiently
   •  Helps reduce travel and wellsite health and safety risk
   •  Access the full global capabilities of Halliburton


   •  Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
   •  Requires user name, password and URL
   •  Operates on Halliburton's secure HalLink communications network, or your own secure network
   •  Allows authorized asset management personnel to access INSITE Anywhere accounts and all project data through Halliburton's extranet portal


   •  View real-time data on any PC during all phases of well construction and completion
   •  Configure and combine displays to your preference
   •  Save your preferred view to your profile
   •  Place server anywhere in the network
   •  Integrate with myHalliburton (myHalliburton.com®)
   •  View and print numerous display types
   •  Present data from any service provider


   •  Access your real-time data with a single click
   •  Compare real-time data against offset wells
   •  Download data as plots, tables, charts, text, gauges, etc.
   •  Use a single web server to manage data from multiple wells
   •  Request e-mail or pager notification of user-selected events

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