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HalLink® Communications Network
HalLink is Halliburton's high-speed communications network, bridging satellite and computer networks to connect the wellsite to the desktop.

Two types of satellite units are available:
   •  Mobile, primarily for onshore use
   •  Stabilized, including skid-mounted units for use on offshore rigs (floaters), and permanent installations, for use on vessels

These satellite units allow high-speed transmission of data, video and voice through a secure network supporting all Halliburton Real Time Operations.

HalLink, which is fully integrated into HalNet, Halliburton's computer network:

   •  Provides voice and IP-based data services
   •  Enables real-time data feeds to Real Time Operations Centers and client offices
   •  Supports intranet/extranet/VPN technology
   •  Delivers TIMS, SAP and e-mail access to remote sites

HalLink also provides full-mesh network capability and supports dynamic routing across the network.

As of December 2002, HalLink's areas of operation are:

   •  North America: US, Canada and Mexico
   •  South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela
   •  Africa: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria and Republic of Congo

Licenses are pending and/or being considered in several other countries.

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