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Energy Balanced® Series Roller Cone Bits
As part of our complete line of roller cone bits, Security DBS Drill Bits now offers the Energy Balanced® Series of roller cone bits. The use of three patented technologies in these bits helps reduce drilling costs by helping to enhance the rate of penetration and helping to extend bit life.

   •  Dynamically balanced cutting structure (U.S. Patent 6,213,225 & 6,412,577) enables each cone to remove an equal volume of rock (volume balanced). It also equalizes the forces applied to each of the bit's three cones (force balanced). The result is near balance condition of the three cones. This helps lead to smoother drilling action which means longer seal and bearing life and less damage to bit cutting structure and other drill string components that are sensitive to vibrations.
   •  Optimally positioned and orientated cutters (U.S. Patent 6,095,262) help achieve maximum penetration rates and reduce the risk of damage to the cutting structures of a roller cone bit. For each cutter, Security DBS Drills Bits' Computer Drilling Simulator calculates the scraping path that the cutter follows when it contacts formation. The bit designer then orients the cutter relative to this trajectory, depending upon iterative calculations of the trajectory and relative rotation between the cutter's cone and the bit body to maximize penetration rate and minimize wear to the cutter.
   •  Anti-tracking feature (U.S. Patent 6,401,839) can improve ROP and bit life in applications where tracking is an issue. The Energy Balanced Series' optional variable cutter orientation can break up craters that cause tracking.

These three patented technologies allow the bit to drill faster and further, at lower vibration levels. For operators, this can mean reduced drilling costs.

Additional features of Energy Balanced roller cone bits that provide enhanced drilling performance include the premium bearing/seal system, diamond enhanced hardfacing protection and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

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