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What Are The Halliburton Top Ten?

Industry-leading ways to help increase production and improve cycle times. Halliburtonís Top Ten solutions provide the best answers to our customersí major challenges.

Customer Challenges Halliburton Delivers
How can I generate more quality prospects faster? Rapid Prospect Generation
Do you have an environmentally friendly, high-performing drilling fluid or an efficient drilling waste handling system that will contribute to reducing overall project costs? High-Performance Drilling Fluids and Surface Solutions
How can I optimize drilling conditions for cost-effective operations? Real Time Drilling Optimization
How can I improve wellbore integrity and reduce remediation costs? Designer Sealants
How can I drill a quality borehole while achieving enhanced drilling performance and precise directional control – and minimize non-productive time? FullDrift® Drilling Suite
How can I make better reservoir decisions while reducing overall drilling and intervention costs with accurate, reliable, real time reservoir characterization? Real Time Formation Evaluation
How can I maximize production and ensure well integrity? Expandable Solutions
How can I optimally place hydraulic fractures in a multilayered reservoir? Pinpoint Stimulation
Do you have a reservoir-centric approach to drilling through pay to increase production or reserves and decrease your finding cost in dollar per BOE? Underbalanced Applications
How can I extend the production life of my well? Conductivity Endurance
Stimulation Technology

For additional information on our Top Ten technologies, or any other Halliburton product or service, please contact your Halliburton representative.

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