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HYDRO-GUARD® System Inhibitive
Water-Based Fluid

HYDRO-GUARD drilling fluid systems is a Baroid high-performance solution for reactive formations and environmentally sensitive locations. The water-based fluid is a clay-free system designed for maximum shale inhibition in highly reactive formations. The HYDRO-GUARD system has been successfully used in the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater operations.

The water-based HYDRO-GUARD system helps eliminate or reduce many problems caused by gumbo-like clay. No oil is used in the formulation, so the HYDRO-GUARD system eliminates the need for cuttings processing and monitoring equipment. Further, the system helps prevent drilling equipment from becoming clogged with clay pieces, significantly decreasing the need to spend expensive rig time removing accretion from the bit and BHA. The HYDRO-GUARD system is also easy to mix and use.

HYDRO-GUARD drilling fluid systems provide wellbore stability, high rates of penetration and acceptable rheological properties over a wide range of temperatures. It has the added benefit of allowing cuttings discharge based upon water-based environmental restrictions.

Gumbo Tamer

The system features Clay Grabber® and Clay Firm®, two proprietary polymeric additives. These additives quickly help minimize shale hydration.

The HYDRO-GUARD system helps reduce the need to frequently clean chains and boxes that become clogged with large, sticky clay lumps. The system "coats" highly reactive clays, preventing them from adhering, so baseball-sized and smaller pieces can be removed easily.

In addition, the bit and BHA emerge from the wellbore with minimal solids buildup. This significantly reduces the amount of expensive rig time needed to remove accretion from the bit and BHA.

Stable Rheologies from 40F to 300F

The properties of the HYDRO-GUARD system make it an excellent choice for deepwater drilling applications. The system exhibits very stable yield point and gel strength values over the entire range of temperatures normally encountered in deepwater and shelf drilling.

These performance characteristics are partially attributable to the absence of commercial clay and the system's powerful inhibition capabilities. The unique polymer chemistry that controls rheological properties provides shear-thinning at the bit for fast drilling, yet can help ensure the efficient capture and removal of drill solids. The wellbore remains stable and in-gauge, reducing the need for frequent wiper trips.

Exceptionally Inhibitive Water-based Fluid

   •  Clay inhibition: at or below zero hydration on Linear Swell Meter testing using severe High Island gumbo
   •  Friction co-efficient: 0.07 for minimal torque/drag
   •  Return permeability: 86+%
   •  Hydrate inhibition: works with soluble salts and/or glycol to inhibit hydrate formation
   •  Non-compressible fluid: low impact on equivalent circulating density in high-pressure environments
   •  No cuttings dryer required: saves 100+ square feet of deck space
   •  No extra centrifuge required: saves installation and maintenance costs
   •  No monitoring of discharge points: the HYDRO-GUARD system exceeds all EPA standards for discharge of water-based fluid using the recommended product mix.

The HYDRO-GUARD system is especially well-suited for rigs with limited deck space. It's also beneficial for operations in the eastern Gulf of Mexico (EPA Region 4), where synthetic-based fluid drill cuttings are not currently permitted for discharge.

Field Friendly Maintenance

The system additives mix into the base fluid rapidly, without the "viscosity hump" that occurs with other polymer systems. Additions of Clay Grabber® flocculant and Clay Firm® inhibitor can help correct cuttings degradation starting with the first circulation. Proven, effective starch-base additives manage fluid loss. No commercial clay additions are necessary with the system or when formulating sweeps.

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