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STOP-FRAC® Lost Circulation Materials
The industry needs products designed to help cure severe and/or minor seepage losses during drilling operations. Such products need to be conveniently packaged for ease of handling and storage, and pelletized for rapid mixing.

Baroid Drilling Fluids has developed STOP-FRAC additives for this purpose. STOP-FRAC S LCM is designed to help control severe losses while STOP-FRAC D LCM is designed to help control seepage loss in depleted zones and micro-fractured formations. The STOP-FRAC S pelletized blend of coarse lost circulation materials helps control severe mud losses. The STOP-FRAC D pelletized blend of fine lost circulation materials with an average particle size of 80 microns, helps control seepage losses during drilling operations.

Both STOP-FRAC S and STOP-FRAC D additives are compatible with all types of conventional drilling fluids. STOP-FRAC S additive is designed to seal large fractures and pores while STOP-FRAC D additive is designed to help form bridges across pore throat openings and micro-fractures in potential loss zones.

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