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Welltec Coiled Tubing Tractor and Jetting Head
GoFlo® is a new flow remediation system Halliburton has developed to remove restrictions and blockages from subsea flowlines and pipelines. GoFlo reinstates flowlines and pipelines, providing a quicker, less costly and more environmentally-sound solution than line replacement.

GoFlo deploys smart composite coiled tubing into flowlines and applies a combination of chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments to clear blockages. Halliburton offers a suite of remediation solutions that help eliminate restrictions and blockages caused by viscous organics, hydrates, scales and mechanical/debris.

GoFlo® Benefits
   •  Economics: Costs less than pipeline replacement
   •  Time: Minimizes downtime
   •  Environmental impact: No subsea disconnection of blocked flowline
   •  Production: Minimizes production downtime

This flow remediation system provides a complete and effective deepwater flow assurance service. Depending on the flowline configuration, the service can be deployed from one of Halliburton's or Subsea 7's specialty vessels or directly from a production facility, through the riser.

GoFlo's capabilities are:
   •  Maximum reach capability: Targeted at 20 miles (105,000 feet), depending on flowline configuration
   •  Working pressure: 5,000 psi
   •  Working temperature: up to 180F
   •  Entry speed: up to 50 feet/minute
   •  Retrieval speed: up to 150 feet/minute

Consultancy and Troubleshooting

Fiberspar SmartPipe™ Composite Tubing
The GoFlo Flow Remediation Service includes consultancy and troubleshooting as part of the total solutions package. In addition, Halliburton can advise on facilities design to help ensure simple and successful use of composite coiled tubing if it is needed in the future.

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