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Total Fluids Management® Service
Total Fluids Management® (TFM™) performance-driven integrated fluids and waste management service provides the customer with a cost-effective wellbore, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Baroid Fluid Services' TFM engineering service combines:

   •  Drilling Fluids Engineering
   •  Solids Control Optimization
   •  Waste Fluid Reduction and Monitoring
   •  Performance Benchmarking, Goal Setting and Value Measurement

TFM has evolved into an innovative and proactive solution for enhancing service quality and reducing drilling fluid-related costs. This is accomplished through analysis and correlation with drilling activities and providing the understanding, benchmarking and goal-setting culture to drive performance improvement from an operational, environmental and cost perspective. Recommendations can be made based upon informed, measured data with full-cost justification.

TFM offers a cyclical learning process to drive efficiency improvement. Progressive knowledge is achieved through planning, implementing the plan, measuring and analyzing the results, and subsequently applying all learning to the next plan. TFM can be enormously successful and add significant value to our customers' operations.

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