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Solids Control
Since the late 1990s, Baroid Fluid Services has provided high-quality, cost-effective solids control equipment to improve waste management efficiency. In 2003, Baroid Fluid Services entered a global distribution agreement with National Oilwell and has supplied National Oilwell-manufactured solids control equipment to operations in the U.S., Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.

XTRA-FLO® Screens

Since 2001, Baroid Fluid Services has been developing and improving our line of XTRA-FLOŽ shale shaker screens. We have successfully introduced XTRA-FLO screens into the U.S., the Middle East, South America and, most recently, Asia Pacific and Russia. In 2004, we introduced our new line of aluminum-framed XTRA-FLO screens for the VSM 100 and VSM 300 shale shakers in the North Sea and European operations.

In addition, Baroid Fluid Services' distribution infrastructure ensures efficient delivery of XTRA-FLO shale shaker screens. With Baroid Fluid Services' rig site service, operators can reduce total costs for screening, solids control, fluids treatment and dilution.

TECHMESH® Screen Cloth Is Designed to Optimize Screen Performance.
Baroid Fluid Services' newly developed TECHMESH® shale shaker screen cloth is designed to last longer, handle high flow rates, resist blinding and remove fine solids. As a result, shale shakers with TECHMESH screen cloth can reduce expenditures associated with replacement screens, rig downtime, inventory and logistics.

TECHMESH screen cloth is a strong, three-layer mesh. The TECHMESH screen cloth design incorporates up to 50% thicker wire diameters than conventional shale shaker screens. These thicker wires are more resistant to wear and tear, and help ensure that the screens last longer.

The TECHMESH screen cloth rectangular mesh has a higher conductance than a standard square mesh, so it can process greater fluid volumes. Baroid Fluid Services chose a specific aspect ratio of approximately 2:1 for the TECHMESH rectangular mesh. This aspect ratio range helps ensure maximum flow capacity without sacrificing uniformity of opening size. Meshes with higher aspect ratio tend to open and allow more solids to pass through.

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