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Accolade® Drilling Fluid System
Accolade drilling fluid is specifically formulated to comply with the stringent environmental regulations of the Gulf of Mexico, without sacrificing performance.

Accolade fluid is formulated to comply with the new NPDES Region VI environmental regulations currently in effect. Accolade contains a combination of several high performance vegetable esters and an internal olefin.

The Accolade fluid provides excellent suspension and hole cleaning characteristics yet has exceptionally robust and fragile gels.

Key Performance Properties
   •  Stable viscosity. We developed specialized thinners for fluids containing esters like the Accolade drilling fluid. These thinners produce flat rheological profiles in both cold water and under downhole environments. These thinners work rapidly allowing for optimized fluid management and so operators may see results sooner.
   •  Extremely low equivalent circulating density (ECD). Low and stable viscosity means low ECD. Lower ECD, in turn, helps provide a greater safety margin against lost circulation and better hole cleaning efficiency.
   •  Stable rheology in temperatures ranging from 40° to 350°F.
   •  High resistance to contaminants.

Total Fluids ManagementŪ
To ensure compliance and efficiency, Baroid provides Total Fluids Management service (TFM) with Accolade drilling fluid. TFM supplies expert labor and systems to meet the needs of:
   •  Environmental testing and reporting requirements
   •  Retention on Cuttings (ROC) and efficiency evaluations
   •  Liaison with fluids engineers

TFM personnel are specially trained in the applicable regulations, relevant engineering calculations, equipment, waste streams and reporting requirements and record keeping. They are also trained in strategies for reducing total waste volumes and ensuring that Baroid meets regulatory and customer expectations.

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