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Drilling Waste Management
Baroid Fluid Services has been involved in the handling, processing and disposal of cuttings since the mid-1980s when we developed the ENVIRO-FIX™ process. Since then, Baroid Fluid Services has been involved in many projects that have varied widely in scope. These include reducing volumes of cuttings produced through better fluid selection, rig site supervision, improving and upgrading solids control equipment, and utilizing the Total Fluids Management® process. Additionally, our projects include the collection, treatment, transportation and disposal of drilled cuttings and other waste streams.

Products currently offered by Baroid Surface Solutions™ include:
  • V-133 cuttings dryer
  • SupaVac™ cuttings collection and transportation system
  • ENVIRO-FLOC® dewatering system
  • Baroid Ground ControlSM services

V-133 Cuttings Dryer

The V-133 Cuttings Dryer can provide a dramatic reduction in drill solids waste discharge and help maximize the recovery of synthetic-, oil-, or ester-based drilling fluids. The high-capacity V-133 Cuttings Dryer is a screen-type centrifuge that can be adapted to pump, auger, or vacuum feed styles. The dryer is designed for the continuous feed and efficient throughput necessary for drilling operations.

SupaVac™ Cuttings Collection and Transportation System

The SupaVac SV400 unit is a compact and robust, air operated, vacuum recovery and pressure discharge pump. The system is designed to operate in hazardous locations, safely collecting and pumping materials such as drill cuttings, tank bottoms, heavy crude sludge and sand slurries. Unlike other conveyance systems, the SupaVac system can work with dry, damp or liquid materials. Cuttings can be conveyed horizontally up to 45 meters in suction mode and up to 150 meters in discharge mode when material is discharged by pressurizing the vessel and the cuttings are discharged in “slugs” (dense phase conveyance).

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