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Multi-Conductor Wireline Jars-LockJar®
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In an effort to reduce unproductive rig time, minimize the risk of expensive fishing jobs and improve the reliability and effectiveness of well logging operations, new hydraulic jar technology developed by Evans Engineering Inc. is being embraced by the industry. Recently, a multi-conductor electric wireline jar (LockJar) has been commercially deployed by Halliburton. Operators who have used the LockJar expect the technology to become an industry standard in areas where fishing jobs are frequently required.

Key Benefits

The LockJar offers a wide range of benefits that increase efficiency and reduce costs including:

. Reduced risk: The cost of including the LockJar in a logging string is negligible compared to the high potential costs of operating delays, fishing jobs or irretrievable logging tools.
Use the risk calculator to estimate the reduction of financial risks when you run the LockJar.
. No unmerited actuation fees: The hydraulic time delay allows the crew to pull the tool string through a tight spot without activating the LockJar.
. Increased reliability: All internal parts including the jar mechanism and conductive path are sealed and segregated from the well bore.
. No service technician required: Simple to use, the Jars arrive at the wellsite ready to run.
. An acknowledged success: The reliability of LockJar Wireline Hydraulic Jars has been excellent. No downhole failures have been reported since their introduction in the market.
. Ready to go: LockJars immediately respond to stuck tool strings without delay .

Operating Advantages

Wireline Hydraulic Jars offer innovative technical features that enable quick and reliable results including:
. A mechanical lock that prevents inadvertent triggering during logging operations
. A hydraulic time delay that allows actuation at any load above the Mechanical Lock setting and is not sensitive to pressure or temperature
. Balanced pressure that increases the hydrostatic pressure rating by providing compensation to prevent collapsing
. Protected seal and impact surfaces that increase downhole reliability by minimizing friction from borehole fluids and problems associated with debris
. A sealed conductive path that increases the reliability of data transmission and communication.

LockJar® is a registered trademark of Evans Engineering, Inc.

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