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Code of Business Conduct:
Health, Safety & Environment

Halliburton Company & Subsidiary Companies

Date: May 21, 2003
Index No.: 3-0014

This Policy establishes and communicates the Company's policy concerning the protection of the health and safety of the Company's Employees and other persons affected by the Company's business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution with respect to the Company's business activities and operations.

   1.  The Company will comply with all applicable Laws and relevant industry standards of practice concerning protection of health and safety of its Employees in the work place and other persons affected by its business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution. Protection of health, safety, and the prevention of pollution to the environment is a primary goal of the Company and the management of the Company shall take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to achieve such goal and carry out this Policy.

   2.  We will continuously evaluate the health, safety and environmental ("HSE") aspects of our products and services. The goal will be to develop and provide products and services that have no undue environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources and can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.

   3.  All Directors and Employees of the Company will conduct their duties and responsibilities in a manner which is compatible with achieving these goals and carrying out this Policy.

   4.  The Company believes that effective HSE management is good business. As in other areas of our business, the Company is committed to continual improvement of HSE management practices.

   5.  The Company will communicate and make available this Policy to its Employees, clients, contractors, suppliers, partners and customers and with the communities in which it operates in order to achieve these goals and carry out these Policies.

   1.  This Corporate Policy shall be implemented by the Company under the oversight of the Health, Safety and Environment Committee of the Board of Directors ("HSE Committee").

   2.  The Company shall establish and maintain self-assessment and audit programs sufficient to provide management of the Company and the HSE Committee with reports and other information concerning the Company's compliance with this Policy.

   3.  The Chief Executive Officer of the Company shall designate a senior officer of the Company as its Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer ("Chief HSE Officer").

   4.  The Chief HSE Officer shall oversee the administration of this Corporate Policy and shall make such recommendations to the HSE Committee as he or she shall deem appropriate to carry out such Policy and achieve its goals. The Chief HSE Officer shall report to the HSE Committee at least once each year concerning the Company's compliance with this Corporate Policy and the activities administered by the Chief HSE Officer.

Approved as revised: Board of Directors
May 21, 2003

Previous Revisions: May 18, 1999, February 20, 1997, December 2, 1993, Policy No. 3-0016 dated May 18, 1993, and Policy Statement No. 3-0417 dated November 15, 1990 (Environmental Policy).

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